Ellicott City, MD — WKRG

People up north continue to pick up the pieces after flooding devastates Ellicott City outside of Baltimore, Maryland. A pastor, who grew up in Alabama, is part of the disaster relief effort. He’s a high school friend of mine and Ellicott City is my hometown.

“We’re pretty far away from Alabama but human suffering and the needs of people are universal,” said Pastor Adam Feldman. His church, Metanoia Church, is located in Ellicott City. The first thing you’ll notice about Feldman is his remarkable beard. The second thing you’ll notice is his Crimson Tide cap. Feldman grew up in Tuscaloosa before moving back to Maryland–but says he’ll always bleed crimson. He talked with me via FaceTime.

“There’s a mixture of people there’s people who want to help want to pray and want to donate and there are onlookers, people who want to come down and see, our main desire is to help folks connect,” said Pastor Feldman. Ellicott City’s main street is on a hill. That’s why just six inches of rain turned Main Street into a river. Feldman and fellow pastor Ken Cavey are in the thick of the recovery process and starting to organize.

“We don’t do this as pastors regularly we’re building teams within our congregation, we’re working with local leaders,” said Bethel Baptist Church Pastor Ken Cavey. The pastors say they’re looking for any help they can get and have been praying a lot.

“There’s just no more words, no more words I can say and I just sat there and asked the lord to hold me through it, it’s pretty tough,” said Pastor Feldman. It’s a challenge a lot of people will have to deal with for years to come. Maryland officials say the floods in Ellicott City killed two people over the weekend. For information on how you can help relief efforts you can contact Metanoia Church.