MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Almost an hour and a half before the News 5 Mayoral Debate, voters lined up outside the Davidson High School auditorium to make sure they could snag a seat for the showdown between current Mayor Sandy Stimpson and former Mayor Sam Jones.

“It’s kind of like the rematch of both mayors,” Eric Achenbach said as he waited to get inside.

Once the doors opened, nearly every seat in the auditorium was occupied, as the two candidates answered questions submitted by News 5 viewers and Facebook fans.

Meg Demeranville, a local attorney, asked the candidates, ” Do you believe you can be a unified mayor across racial lines? How would you achieve that.”

Demeranville says she thought both Stimpson and Jones did a good job with her question but said she wished they would have gone into more details.

While Demeranville says she came to the event with an open mind, not fully decided on who she would vote for, many others had their minds made up.

“I think that’s one of the best debates I’ve heard. it’s going to be a tough decision for some people but I’ve already made up my mind…I’m voting for Sam Jones,” said Love Wright.

“Politics is about a whole lot of stories, But, you have to just do your homework and put the best person in that job. It ain’t about the skin tone it’s whoever you think can do the best job, and my personal opinion is Sandy Stimpson,” another voter said as she walked out the door after the debate.