FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. (WKRG) — As the war in Israel rages on, people of all walks of life and religions gathered Sunday night with the Jewish community to pray, sing, and show solidarity with Israel.

“Everyone wants to show support and it’s beautiful,” Rabbi Shaya Tenenboim said. “God Bless America.”

Rabbi Tenenboim with Chabad of the Emerald Coast shared a story with News 5 of someone in his community whose niece was one of 260 people killed at a music festival as Hamas militants invaded Israel.

“They didn’t know if she was alive or not,” Tenenboim said. “There were days that we were praying and praying and finally they got the news that she was murdered.”

The rabbi said she was with other girls hiding in a Dumpster for hours.

“I mean, hiding for their lives for hours, scared to death, then finally one of the girls, unfortunately, made some kind of noise and a terrorist came and murdered all of them except for one who was seriously injured and she was able to tell the story,” he said.

The Jewish people asked everyone to light candles for their brothers and sisters in Israel Sunday night and everyone sang America’s national anthem.

“Every time I think about the support from America, tears come to my eyes,” Tenenboim said. “I feel like we are not alone.

“We’re never alone. God is always with us but it feels like, ya know, people realize you’re not fighting by yourself.”