A law enforcement officer shot in the line of duty was honored today. Saraland Police Officer Jackie Tucker was named a “Hometown Hero” at the annual Law Enforcement Prayer Luncheon put on by Chaplain’s offices of the Mobile Police Department and the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department.  Her husband, Mobile Police officer, Aaron Tucker, accepted the award on her behalf.  Officer Jackie Tucker was shot in the head just over a year ago while responding to a domestic call.

Officer Tucker says his wife is continuing to make progress. She is currently living in a rehab facility in Mobile, after spending nearly a year in an Atlanta facility. “She is progressing every day. Every day we see something different that she is coming around doing.  Her personality is coming back well. So, I see that every day.”  Tucker says his wife is walking with assistance but cannot speak in sentences.

Law enforcement officers at the luncheon donated money toward Jackie Tucker’s recovery fund. Ron Pierce is the FBI chaplain.   He says, “She put her life on the line for me, for you, and everyone else. It doesn’t hurt to help them in their time of need.”

Officer Aaron has not returned to work with the Mobile Police Department because he is taking care of his wife and daughters. He appreciates the community’s support.

“Thank you for everything you have done…the cities of Mobile and Saraland. Thank you for sending up prayers, ” Tucker said.