Not everyone is happy with current annexation plans in Mobile


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — On Tuesday, Mobile’s City Council is set to discuss, and possibly vote on, annexing three new areas into the city.

Randlett Trace is one street that could be impacted by the annexation, but only one half is included in current plans, and people are feeling left out.

Dawn Liles said, “We would like to benefit from the garbage pickup and the trash pick up. That would be a plus.”

Liles and Kyle Dahlmann both like the idea of their homes being annexed.

Liles said, “It was at the cusp of our neighborhood but didn’t actually include our neighborhood.”  She’s not happy her home barely misses the cut off point.

Dahlmann’s house also is not included. He lives in the Oak Forest subdivision. While their homes may not be included, Dahlmann noticed most businesses made the cut. He said, “It’s like okay are they wanting just the money? You know, do they want to have really the citizens involved with it, or do they just want the shopping and all that, that those businesses that we all in our area go to? It kind of just concerns me a little on that.”

Included in the annexation are areas just west of Schillinger Road, areas North and South of Airport Boulevard past Snow Road, and the King’s Branch area on Bear Fork Road.

A flyer sent out, as well as tweets from Mayor Sandy Stimpson talk about the city growing to more than 200,000 residents and ensuring everyone pays their fair share. Liles and Dahlmann said they’re both willing to pay increased taxes because it comes with benefits, but are not being given the chance. Dahlmann said, “With our area right here, we’ve had this issue in the past recently about them getting rid of the fire department and police jurisdiction and us having to entertain the Seven Hills District, so that’s kind of one thing too, we would love to have the city services.” 

Dahlmann continued saying he hopes the city reconsiders before only expanding for some people.

Annexation is on the City Council agenda for Tuesday and it is expected to be voted on. Even if it passes, a special election would still need to take place.

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