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Veteran finds feces smeared on door again

TERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) - -  A veteran in St. Petersburg is a step closer to figuring out who keeps smearing feces on his door.

We first shed light on 87-year-old Ed Freeh's issue earlier this year. On March 27, Freeh and his daughter made the shocking discovery that someone covered his door in human waste

Early Sunday morning, Freeh says he woke up to noises and found his door covered again.

But this time, he has a picture of the person who did it. 



The first time this happened, News Channel 8's Chip Osowski suggested Freeh get a Ring doorbell cam. Freeh did, and the camera caught a surveillance image of a person walking up to his door.

Freeh and his daughter believe they know who the man is, but police haven't been able to find him.

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