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On the Road: Meet Moose, the East Hill Publix cat

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) - It's just your average afternoon at Pensacola's East Hill Publix. Shoppers come and go, stopping for just two things… groceries and a chat with a cat named Moose! 

Moose is a regular here. Shoppers have made him their East Hill mascot. He's so popular, he's something of a media darling! He even has his own Facebook page with more than 2,600 followers!

At first glance, you might think Moose is a stray, or at least a lonely lil' cat lookin' for love, or cat chow, in the grocery store. You'd be wrong because when Moose isn't purring in the parking lot… 

He is at his home, well-fed, well-loved.

Alistair McKenzie's had Moose for 5 years. He says Moose loves his house, but- with a nod to Springsteen- baby, he was born to run.. or at least to stroll.. through the neighborhood.

"We tried to have him be an inside cat and It just doesn't work. He was born and bred to be an outside cat," Alistair says. 

"We've accepted the fact that he is the way he is. He has an insatiable need to socialize and apparently Publix is the perfect solution for him personally!" 

And, so, almost everywhere you go when you are on the road in East Hill, you'll find people talking about Moose. 

On the neighborhood walking routes: 

"He's so friendly! He walks around and lets you pet him," says Thomas Sims.  

In the neighborhood restaurants: 

"It's like he's lounging by his porch at home!" Kelly Toole says. 

And, on Facebook!
"I love his FB page! I think it's cute when a community comes together and loves on animals," says Tara Godwin.

"He's brought a lot of love to people, someone who's gotten out of the car at Publix and had a bad day at work, maybe he's made them feel better, seeing that sweet little fat cat there who just wants to rub up on them and let them pet him," Alistair said.  "He loves people, absolutely loves them!" 

People, maybe.. reporters.. maybe not so much.

News 5's Drexel Gilbert was trying to "talk" to Moose and he's having none of it. He even swats at her!

Guess all this celebrity stuff is exhausting. Or maybe.. he just needs a catnap.

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