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Mobi-Mat makes Navarre Beach accessible to everyone

NAVARRE BEACH, Fla. (WKRG) - - The ribbon was cut Friday afternoon on the Mobi-Mat at Navarre Beach. It allows those in wheelchairs and with walkers to get down in the sand. 

"100 percent...I love it," John Wood said.

Wood, 23, has Spina Bifida and says he couldn't miss what he calls a once in a lifetime opportunity for people with a physical disability. 

"I absolutely agree with what the county's done with this and I hope more beaches along the area get more like this," Wood said.

Brianna Tran, 19, also lives with Spina Bifida and is from Milton and says being on the beach this close to the Gulf is a first for her.

"Being able to come out and experience the ocean and sand is amazing," Tran said. "I haven't been able to do this in 19 years."

The mat is about 100 feet long, it's made of recycled polyester, has a smooth surface and stays cool in the heat.

Sam Parker is a Santa Rosa County Commissioner and serves as chairman of the Tourist Development Council and he says these aren't too expensive.

"Around $8,000 and some change so very affordable and I can tell you as chairman of the TDC, I definitely will go back and request where else can we put these," Parker said.

This mat is the first one now in this area of Northwest Florida. It's the only one between Gulf Shores and Panama City Beach. 

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