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Alleged kidnapper caught in Baton Rouge, four children found safe

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FL (WKRG) - BREAKING: 2:30pm Press Conference by Escambia County Sheriff

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan says the four children kidnapped on Saturday have been found safe in Louisiana and their alleged captor is in custody. 

Jose Garcia Montes was arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday after working in conjunction with authorities in Escambia County.  Montes was confirmed to be the father of three of the four children. Authorities say Montes was found inside a construction site.

The children, 6-year-old Kymani Nevaeh Reese, 4-year-old Kristina Marie Garcia, 3-year-old Jose Emmanuel Garcia, and 1-year-old Kaelynn Sophia Garcia, were safely located with Montes, Morgan said. 

Officials say the children's mother thought Montes would bring them home, but after two days Montes allegedly told the mother he was not bringing the children back, so she called law enforcement.

Authorities say agencies are working together to get the children back home to their mother.

"Emotions always run high when it comes to children," Morgan said. I'm sure she's elated at this time that her children were found and as best as we can determine right now they are safe."

Morgan says if they did not locate the children, an Amber Alert would have been sent out.

"We of course went to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement," Morgan said."We requested their assistance in getting together an Amber Alert and I will tell you we were right on the cusp of actually doing that."





The Escambia County Sheriff's Office has issued an alert for four kidnaped children and is asking for the public's help to locate the alleged kidnaper.

According to the Escambia County Sheriff's Facebook page, Jose Garcia Montes, 35, is accused of taking the four children from their home on Saturday.  He reportedly told their mother he would bring them back later that evening, but hasn't been seen since. 

The kidnaped children are 6-year-old Kymani Nevaeh Reese, 4-year-old Kristina Marie Garcia, 3-year-old Jose Emmanuel Garcia, and 1-year-old Kaelynn Sophia Garcia, who turns 2 on Wednesday. 

Montes is wanted for kidnapping. He was last seen driving a gold Toyota sedan heading towards Louisiana. Deputies have not said what Montes' relationship is to the children. 

The alleged kidnapping is said to have occurred three days ago. Deputies were informed of the kidnapping on Monday.  After their preliminary investigation into the disappearance of the children, the kidnapping alert was issued Tuesday morning. 

An AMBER alert has not been issued due to the lack of information on Montes' vehicle, most notably, the license plate number. 

Residents in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are asked to be on the lookout for Montes' vehicle. If you have any information on their whereabouts call 9-1-1.

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