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16-year-old boy dies after motorcycle crash

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) - 16-year-old Jordan Bryant died Friday morning after his motorcycle crashed on Untreiner Avenue and Germain Street in Pensacola on Thursday.

The Florida Highway Patrol says Bryant lost control of his motorcycle and collided with another vehicle.

Tameko Lee says Bryant was leaving her house when he got into the accident.

"He had just left my house saying he was going home," Lee said. "My son was out here and he heard his bike and then he did not hear it anymore. Then he heard a crash. They went up there to check on him and then my daughter went and got his mom."

Lee says Bryant would always come over and ride with her boys.

"He was a good well-mannered kid," Lee said. "He used to ride the bikes with my kids and all of the guys that were out here. He loved basketball and he was just a fun-loving kid."

Lee says she worries about her son's riding motorcycles now.

"Don't ride by yourself," Lee said. "Always ride with someone else. Just like this case they went and found him so I would prefer they always ride together and wear helmets."

Lee says her sons want to start a foundation in Bryant's name. 


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