One week after a Mobile police officer shot and killed an armed teenager, Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow came to town demanding officer Harold Hurst face charges in Michael Moore’s death.

Glasgow even said he’d shut down two major interstates, I-10 and I-65, if he didn’t see these results.

The out-of-towner caught the attention of many of our viewers because of his middle name. Wanting to know more about his background, we researched his claims that Al Sharpton is his brother.

On Tuesday, when we called Al Sharpton’s New York office and spoke to his media correspondent, he said he wasn’t familiar with Kenneth Glasgow, but Glasgow stood by his claims, so we looked even harder.

Like most investigations, ours started with an online search.  News 5’s Assignment Editor and I ran a background check on Kenneth Glasgow to see if we could find any public legal documents linking him to the Sharpton name.

Nothing showed up, so we tried it again using the name “Kenneth Sharpton, which he told us on Tuesday has always been his legal name.

Again, nothing showed up.  Everything we could find lists Kenneth’s middle name as “Charles.”

“My name has always been Sharpton. We just used Glasgow when I was locked up for two things. One, we didn’t want to taint the Sharpton name with my demise. And two, it was to protect me because we didn’t want  someone who was a racist or bigot to kill me knowing I was Sharpton’s brother,” he explained in our prior interview.

So, we called Dothan Municipal Court to see if they could pull up any records of a Kenneth “Sharpton” that would have occurred prior to his time in prison.

A clerk told us they didn’t have anything listed under that name but was able to look up the name “Kenneth Glasgow.”

That’s when our search took us to the obituary page of Ada Sharpton, Reverend Al Sharpton’s mother. We scanned the article and found the name we were looking for, Glasgow, but our search took an unexpected turn when we started to piece together the family lineage.

According to the obituary, Ada Sharpton  married John Glasgow in 1938 and together they had two children; Thomas Jefferson “Sonny” Glasgow and Ernestine “Tina” Glasgow. The couple then moved to New York and left their children in their care of their maternal grandparents.

While in New York, the couple split and Ada met Alfred Sharpton. Together they had two children; Charidean “Joy” Sharpton and Alfred Sharpton Jr.

Meanwhile, Tina Glasgow gave birth to Kenneth, but it was unclear to us who his father was, so we gave him a call.WATCH THE FULL PHONE CALL HERE:

The only explanation for how Kenneth can be Al Sharpton’s brother is if they share Al Sharpton Sr. as a father.

Kenneth hung his head and said that was true, however, he did not think  that his name was relevant to his efforts in Mobile over the Michael Moore case.

He says his birth certificate does say “Sharpton,” but none of the other legal documents we could find has it listed anywhere.

Regardless, the name “Sharpton” serves a strong PR purpose in the world of activism, whether you admit it or not.

” I don’t need my brother’s clout. My work speaks for itself,” Glasgow said.