In tonight’s What’s Working, Netflix is coming out with a new documentary about the new artistic director at Mobile Ballet.  Her name is Katia Garza, and she’s from Mexico. The documentary is called “Katia Garza: My Life in Dance.” It is already available on Amazon and I-Tunes.

Garza will start as Artistic Director in July. She has already spent the last year conducting workshops and overseeing productions at Mobile Ballet. She came from Orlando. 

As mentioned, Garza is a native of Mexico and joined Ballet de Monterrey in 1995, under the Direction of Fernando Bujones. In 2000, Katia joined the Orlando Ballet as a Principal dancer, a position she held for 14 years.

Garza didn’t have an easy start in the ballet world. When she was a little girl, many told her she was too fat to be a dancer. She refused to take no for an answer and kept on fighting.

“It was hard to hear that,” Garza said. She was determined to prove everyone wrong. “I became a professional dancer at the age of 18 and became principal dancer.”

Garza also said she had to leave her country to become a professional dancer.

“I had struggled to come to the United States. I had to leave my country to keep dancing. Now I am an American citizen, so I am happy to work here,” Garza said.

Garza is an inspiration to many of her ballet students.  Fifteen-year-old Caylee Farni said, “People told her she was too fat. She was shorter, and I am a shorter dancer. That is inspirational to me.”

Garza brings a Latin flair to Mobile Ballet. She has a new energy and is excited about bringing new ideas to Mobile. 

“I like to bring out the best in each dancer in what they are able to do. Each kid is different, and each kid brings something different to the table. I want each of them to be the best they can be, and why not them get a job in a big company? That would be my best way to get paid back,” Garza said.   

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