Bobby Savelle has lived on these waters all his life.

“Sometimes they’re there, sometimes they’re not. There are a lot of them out there. People don’t realize how many is out there, but they’re out there,” says Savelle.

He says he’s never been bitten by a shark, that they usually keep to themselves. But he admits, he was surprised when he learned about the dozens of sharks that washed on shore yesterday morning. We have no official answer yet, but Robert Sealy says he might know why.

“Several years ago, we used to run a gill net in the bay for mullet and trout, stuff like that and sand sharks would get in the net, several hundred of them.”

Sealy says sharks prowl during the late evening and early morning when fishermen leave out their nets. Officials with the Dauphin Island Sea Lab have collected 57 of the Bull sharks for inspection. We talked to this bystander yesterday who sheds a little light on the mystery.

“We saw them walking back, they put this big gill net out there. This morning we saw a lot of stuff flopping in it. Yeah, they were alive this morning,” says

If neighbors in the area didn’t see yesterday, they definitely smelled it.

“Yeah we tried to dig a hole and put them in there so it wouldn’t stink very bad.”

But now the mystery continues as we all wait for answers from investigators.

“Just a lot of dead fish gone to waste. It’s upsetting.”

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab officials say their shark expert is away at a conference but will be back to inspect the sharks Tuesday at the earliest.