Neighbors in Pensacola are coming together days after four children were killed in a Pensacola housefire.  Homeowners on Baylen street held a fundraiser for the family this morning.  They called it a “breakfast benefit on Baylen.”  Organizers hoped to raise a few thousand dollars Cortissa Johnson and her surviving daughter.

Well for obvious reasons it’s a tragedy,” said organizer Tori Rutland.  “Children’s lives have been lost  but in the spirit of my community and where I live this is what we do.”  We also stopped by the home where the fire happened.  In an amazing outpouring of support from the community, the front fence has been transformed.  People have left bunches of balloons and stuffed animals in memory of the four children killed.  Tori Rutland said the family’s pastor, Lilly Johnson, is still accepting any and all donations except furniture.