VIRAL VIDEO: Rat taking soapy shower just like human causes outrage

(WFLA) - The latest video taking social media by storm shows a rat apparently acting just as a human would while taking a shower.

In the video, you can see a rat lathered up with soap and water as it rubs its body to get squeaky clean.

According to Metro UK, the video was shot in Peru by a DJ named Jose Correa.

The 36-year-old told the publication he was about to hop in the shower himself when he discovered the rat had beat him to the punch.

But some animal activists are convinced the video was completely staged.

Rat enthusiasts online are concerned for the welfare of the animal. They said rats clean themselves by licking their body’s, so if someone poured soap on the rodent in the video, that’s not good.

The footage was posted on various social media site, like Facebook and Twitter, and racked up over 35 million views online.

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