100-year-old Texas hair stylist has no plans to retire

HOUSTON (KRON/CNN) - Some say if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. 

But you would really have to love your job to keep it for more than 80 years. 

A hair stylist from Houston just turned 100 years old, and she says she has no plans to retire.

There is nothing else Juanita Gallatin enjoys more.

She says she loves being a hair stylist because she gets to make people look good.

She also gets to hear her clients, and sometimes give some words of wisdom.

She even came to the hair salon on her 100th birthday.

When asked how long she plans to work, here's what she said:

"Until I croak. Until I die. Until the Lord takes me home, and maybe he'll give me a beauty shop up there," Gallatin said.

After dropping out of high school, Juanita's grandmother demanded that she get an education, so Juanita went to beauty school.

And now, 84 years later, her credential still proudly hangs on the wall.

She says age has not always made it easy, impacting her hearing, sight, and her even her own locks.

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