Film actor Nicolas Cage caused quite a stir while filming part of the movie “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage” in Orange Beach over the last couple of weeks. Fans were able to capture the star in photographs but David Walter was able to capture something else. “We have his hand prints and they will be installed in a pyramid reef along with a granite plaque with his name.”

A little piece of Hollywood left in Orange Beach. “He was in between takes and he was really tired,” says Walter. “He had been in the water for a long time but still with that he was most gracious. Whatever we wanted he was glad to accommodate us.”

Eventually Nic Cage’s hand prints will end up on an artificial reef and if you scuba dive you’ll be able to see them just about any time you want to.

The hand prints will be part of Poseidon’s Playground, a scuba diving reef that sits in about 30 feet of water, three miles south of Gulf State Park Pier.

“We have statues and we have a cross down there and we have an altar and people are getting married there and it’s just a really neat place for people to scuba dive,” says Walter.

Walter hopes Cage’s hand prints are just the beginning. “You know they have the walk of fame in Florida. I thought why can’t we have the reefs of fame here in Alabama.”

Leaving a lasting impression on the Alabama Gulf Coast.