Mother searches for kidney donor for 4-year-old son

ENTERPRISE, Ala.-- - Demonte Marshall was born with several health complications that will forever affect his everyday life.

The majority of his time is spent in a Birmingham hospital receiving dialysis treatments three times a week.

Demonte and Devonte Marshall are just like any other 4-year-olds. They enjoy riding bikes and playing outside with their other siblings.

The identical twins were born four years ago on August 9, 2013. But lying beneath the joy of that day, a blanket of sadness.

"I just saw him long enough to get a kiss and then they took him to the NICU," said  Demonte's mother Kashebra Smith.

The second twin born, Demonte, had many health complications.

"He had a bladder obstruction when he was forming in my stomach, which means his bladder was blocked," said Smith.

Demonte was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease.

He was also born a cleft lip and palate, his heart is on the wrong side, severe scoliosis, he requires a gastrostomy tube and dialysis catheter.

"He has to see a lot of doctors in Birmingham. He has to see a urologist, a neurologist, an orthopedic, a plastic surgeon, a general surgeon and an endocrinologist," said Smith.

Demonte and his mother drive 3 days a week to Birmingham so he can get the care he needs.

Last Christmas, Demonte and his family were overjoyed when he made the transplant list.

"It was a good Christmas," said Smith.

Demonte's blood type is A positive and a new kidney would greatly improve his quality of life.

"He would not be hooked up to a machine three days week, he would not be hooked up to a port and he would be a normal four-year-old as best as he could be," said Smith.

Mother Kashebra says a kidney for her son would mean so much to her son and family.

"It's heart-wrenching because it's like why my child? Why does my child have to go through so much pain and heartache? The ultimate goal for my son is for them to be happy and unhealthy. I know Demonte is going to have to have a lot more surgeries but all in all I just want him to be a happy and healthy little kid."

UAB also offers the donor swap program, so that if you are not a match to Demonte and you match for another child in need, you will be able to donate to that child.

Interested donors can visit

Mobile County

Baldwin County

Northwest Florida