Mother of Shooting Suspect Says Son Has Mental Illness


The first homicide of the year has generated a lot of attention.  Witnesses say a man killed his girlfriend shortly after she just returned from dropping her kids off from school.  Mobile Police have charged Anthony Wilson with the murder of Latresha Leggett, but many still want to know what happened.

Now the suspect’s mother has come forward, claiming her son has a mental illness.

“I am sorry for Anthony, the mother, the kids too, he told them to call me grandmother,” said Teresa Wilson, suspect’s mother.

And she claimed her son has been suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

“And it runs in my family, and what I want the world to know, is he’s really not no bad person, something triggered my son off.”

But LaTresha Legett says  family members don’t believe the mental health claims and think Wilson simply couldn’t deal with a break-up and planned the murder.

“He fought her all the time, she wanted to leave him,” said Patricia Legett, victim’s mother.

“He couldn’t take no, and he did everything he could to hurt her, but like I said she was a strong young woman, and I hate that he took her away from her kids,” said Laura Legget-Boxley, victim’s aunt.

“I’m sure he deserves a punishment, I don’t want him out on the street until he has help you know?” asked Wilson.

And as both families have to cope with the aftermath Leggett’s father hopes this may be a wake-up call for others with domestic issues.

“I really appreciate the community coming together in this time of need, but I really wish that we didn’t have to come together to this time of the tragic death, but since it is a tragic death, I want everyone to know that no matter what you are going through, there’s always someone to help you don’t wait until somebody pass or something violent to happen,” said Raymond Williams, victim’s father.

The funeral for Latresha Legett will be held Saturday.  Legett’s  family is still asking for help with funeral expenses. And since Wilson was arrested, court officials have told us, he has refused to attend any hearings.  The next hearing is a preliminary hearing, and if he refuses, his case will automatically go to a grand jury.

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