Mother Of Peeping Tom Victim: “He should have to register as a sex offender”


27-year-old Patrick Herron was arrested in September of last year on charges of criminal surveillance. Herron was caught taking photos and videos of women and girls as they used the restroom at the San Miguel restaurant.

He’s now been charged with one count of aggravated criminal surveillance and three counts of criminal surveillance. The aggravated criminal surveillance charge carries a 1-year sentence and each criminal surveillance charge carries a 90-day sentence. 

Robyn Glass is the mother of Herron’s youngest victim. Robyn’s 11-year-old daughter was using the restroom at San Miguel when she looked up and saw a man standing over her stall with a cell phone. Once her daughter made her aware of the situation Glass ran to the restroom and found Patrick Herron, “When I saw a grown man come out that Mama Bear came out. I went into full defense mode.”

It has been 7-months since the incident but Glass says it still haunts her family today, “It robbed us of that security- of those private, intimate moments where you take for granted that nobody is watching you.”

Herron’s one count of aggravated criminal surveillance is in the case of Robyn’s now 12-year-old daughter. Glass said, “Mr. Herron did say that he was there to acquire the video for personal gratification and that makes it aggravated criminal surveillance, by law.”

She does feel that justice has been served, “I feel like the punishment fits the crime in the state of Alabama but I wish that the punishment could be a little harsher on him.”

However, she believes that Alabama’s law should be harsher and that Herron should have to register as a sex offender, “State laws have got to change. Hopefully, we are able to use this case, and the public awareness that it has brought, as a platform to say we’re ready for these lawmakers to hear us and to change these state laws.”

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