MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Most Mobilians who make up Gen Z have struggled to live independently, according to a new study. 

Two-thirds of so-called Zoomers still live with their parents, according to RentCafe

“To better understand this generational trend, we analyzed IPUMS data to determine the multigenerational hotspots for younger generations, as well as the places where it’s harder for Millennials and Gen Z-ers to leave the nest,” a RentCafe news release said. 

The data from IPUMS — which is no longer an acronym for anything — comes from the University of Minnesota, which provides census and survey information to the public. 

“In Mobile, a whopping 81% of Zoomers still live with mom and dad, moving out three times slower than Millennials,” the news release said. “With that said, Gen Z-ers in Mobile are falling behind previous generations in flying the nest.” 

Here are the key takeaways from the study: 

  • “By 22 years old — the median age of a Zoomer today, an estimated 66% of Millennials, 65% of Gen X, and 61% of Boomers were still at home. Currently, 68% of the more than 33 million adult Gen Z-ers in the country still depend on others in the household.” 
  • “Only big rental hubs like Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York and Boston have a similarly high share of Zoomers still living with mom and dad. In Raleigh, NC, 87% of Gen Z-ers are stuck at home.” 
  • “Between 2018 and 2022, in the Mobile metro area, 22% of Zoomers moved out, while 63% of Millennials did the same. Today, 39,080 Gen Z-ers and 10,375 Millennials live in multigenerational homes.”

A RentCafe survey said almost half of Millennials (47%) and 40% of Zoomers expect to live this way for at least two more years. 

“Who are the young adults living at home with mom and pops? Millennials & Gen Z-ers that are working service, construction or education jobs, aged 32 (Millennials) and 22 (Zoomers),” the website said. 

“They are likely to live with three or four other people.”