Mobile Teen ticketed doing 127 MPH


A Mobile teenager was clocked driving 127 mph on Interstate 10 last Friday, and Mobile Police are spreading the ticket to encourage parents to talk to their teens.

Mobile Police say the teen was driving to prom when he was doing triple digit speeds, which meant he was traveling the length of a football field in less than two seconds time.

Mobile Police Officer Timothy Freeman snapped a photo of the ticket, which has been shared from the Mobile Police page hundreds of times.

Comments on the post range from saying that “kids will be kids” to “people could have been killed.”

Of course, many members of the Mobile Police Department have worked car crashes where teenagers have been injured or even killed, which is what struck a nerve with Officer Freeman.

The teenager was not arrested, but he was charged with reckless driving and will face a judge.

News 5’s Alison Spann spoke with a drivers education teacher at Davidson High School who weighed in on how these types of situations can be avoided.

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