A local restaurant has fired one of its servers after she allegedly made a racist remark on social media. It happened last (Saturday) night at Montego’s on Airport Boulevard. The customers who were targeted in those comments tell me, they approve of the action taken by the restaurant.

It happened last (Saturday) night at Montego’s Caribbean Cafe’ and Bar located on Airport Boulevard in Mobile.

The customers who say they were targeted in those comments tell me, they approve of the action taken by the restaurant.

The customers don’t want us to show their faces, but tell us everything their experience during dinner was just fine.

“Dinner was great! Dinner was fine, she come up, she took our drinks, she took our food order. She came back, she delivered our food and that was basically it,” says one of the women.

But it was after they left, one of the women started getting messages on Facebook about a post. Their server apparently posted a picture of women’s receipts, showing that there was a zero tip. The caption reads: “This is why no one wants to wait on black people.”

“I was angry because it’s a racial thing and I felt like my name was being slandered. We did leave a tip. We left a cash tip so it really outraged me to actually experience racism one-on-one because I’ve never actually experienced racism one-on-one,” says another customer.

The women admit, they’re not sure if someone took their cash tip from the table before the server could see it, but they say that does not excuse this behavior. They called Montego’s corporate office who took action and fired the server.

“Yes I do believe that’s what should have happened. And I’m glad that they handled it the way they did, they were very courteous and they did get back to me as soon as possible about the situation and they did apologize deeply, they sent me more than one email actually, apologizing about the situation.”

We checked the Facebook page of the server and the post has been taken down.