MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Police are investigating a homicide that reportedly took place this morning on Stuardi Court.

On Sunday, at approximately 12:58 a.m., officers responded to reports of gunshots. Upon arrival, they discovered a 17-year-old male in a yard near the 6400 block of Stuardi Court, according to the Mobile Police Department.


“Preliminary findings reveal that there was an exchange of gunfire between the decedent and individuals seated inside a vehicle parked in a driveway on Stuardi Court,” a Mobile Police Department news release stated.

Jessica Draper woke up to the police lights outside of her window and says that hearing this news makes her worried about her family’s safety.

“A little scared, especially with the fact that we have kids,” Draper said. 

Reginald Reese is a pastor at Maranatha Apostolic church only two blocks away from the scene. He was taking his afternoon walk when he learned about what happened.

“We can just hope and pray that the incident in itself will just wake up people, especially in this neighborhood. Just a conviction to change,” Reese said.

Reese told WKRG that the neighborhood used to be riddled with crime before the pandemic, but since then has slowed down. He is worried this will spark a series of violence.

“Everyone gets angry, that’s just a common natural emotion and if you got a gun in your hand, put the gun up, lock it in the vault because whatever anger they have will automatically cause some serious problems, especially if they have guns,” Reese said.

This is a developing story. News 5 will update this article as more information becomes available.

Anyone with information on this case can contact the Mobile Police Department at 251-208-7211.

Alternatively, anonymous tips can be submitted by texting 844-251-0644 or visiting