Mobile March For Life Calls for Adoption Instead of Abortion


The Mobile March for Life was organized quickly, just one week after the Women’s Rights March in Public Safety Memorial Park.

More than 100 Pro-Life supporters met in Cathedral Square Friday afternoon to hear several speakers talk about their beliefs on life, abortion legislation and their hopes for the future.

Dozens of students were also in attendance, many ready to voice their strong opinions on the topic.

“Life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death, and we need to get that message out to the world and to people having abortions, it’s wrong, it’s murder” said Natalie Grimes.

Organizers say they hope to make the Mobile march, an annual one that coincides with the March on Washington.

“Our goal is to make abortion unthinkable” said Emily Montague, one of the organizers.

Friday also marked the 44th anniversary of Roe. V. Wade, a constitutional decision that made abortion legal.

Many attendees wanted to see that constitutional decision overturned.

“Absolutely no abortion whatsoever, I want to see Roe V. Wade repealed, and for the first time, since the inauguration last week, American people, those who are pro-life, have hope” Mike Romano of 1410 AM radio said.

And for organizers, that means in all cases.

“When you abort a child, that was conceived in rape or incest, you are going from one victim to two, a man violated the woman, and now the woman is encouraged to take life of that child” said Emily Montague.

Organizers advocate adoption instead, and encourage people to consider becoming adoptive parents.

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