(WKRG) — Via video conference call, Fredrick Ward, 32, appeared before a judge while behind held at the Baldwin County jail on Monday.

Ward is charged with intentionally crashing a stolen car into a deputy’s cruiser during a high-speed chase on Highway 225 that took place Sunday afternoon when deputies spotted the stolen vehicle in the parking lot of a Belk department store.

Judge William Scully upheld the state’s request to set the bond at more than $300,00 total for his charges of attempted murder, assault 2nd degree, and theft of property (motor vehicle).

However, Scully said that he suspects the State will file a motion to revoke a bond that Ward was previously out of jail on when the crash occurred, and Ward will likely not have the ability to bond out on these latest charges.

“Had the deputy not been in a vehicle that had airbags, had the deputy not been wearing his seatbelt, had the deputy not have on his bullet proof vest, this would have been a very grim day in Baldwin County,” Sheriff Hoss Mack said. “This is a career criminal. This individual has been arrested at least 15 times since 2007 for a total of 36 charges. At some point in time, it’s got to stop.”