Mobile Man Battling West Nile Virus


Brian McArdle was diagnosed with West Nile Virus Meningoencephalitis earlier this month after getting bit by a mosquito in Mobile County.

His brother-in-law, John Naughton, said McArdle started feeling sick mid-July and went to the emergency room at Mobile Infirmary before being transferred to UAB.

“When he started to display the neurological effects, it got very bad very quickly,” Naughton said. “He could not control his muscles. He could not control his eyes or his speech. He had lost control of all of his motor skills. And, at that point, they knew this was not something Mobile Infirmary could handle.”

McArdle has had a tough road, being diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy ( a kidney disease) in 1993 and undergoing two kidney transplants. Because of that, McArdle was taking medication that suppressed his immune system so it wouldn’t reject the kidneys, making him suspectable to the virus.

“The road is long. The doctors are predicting that even with the best case scenario, he’s looking at 9-12 months of intenstive speech and other  therapies to be able to work. It’s going to be a long road for him and the family. We’re all very hopeful and prayerful that he’s going to be there,” Naughton said.

He said that they’re hosting a few fundraisers this fall to help the family with the overwhelming medical bills that are piling up.  Currently, they’re selling BBQ that will be served at First Community Bank on Cottage Hill Road on October 8th.

There is also a GOFUNDME account set up. You can find it HERE. 

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