MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A group backing the blue wants you to back them too. The Mobile Law Enforcement Foundation raises money for the police department –trying to meet needs not always met in the budget.

Happening later this month is the Mobile Law Enforcement Foundation Luncheon. It’s a fancy affair with a purpose on the street. President of the foundation John Arendall says helping the police helps keep the community safer.

“Our police department does such a great job taking care of their equipment. We have motorbikes that are really, really old, but they still are in great shape,” said Arendall.

This year they’re raising money for Mobile’s motorcycle fleet–to give the different aged motorcycles a uniform appearance.

“Those are just up the front from front and center to the police department. You see them during Mardi Gras. It looks very professional for them all. Be consistent and at the same quality and caliber as the one next to it. You don’t want to look like a train. And by next door, when they’ve just bought off the budget for the last year or so,” said Retired MPD Captain Clay Godwin. The Mobile City Police Department gets most of its funding from taxpayer dollars. Organizers with the foundation say because of restrictions on how that money can be spent, sometimes the department doesn’t always get the things they want or need.

“Because the police department is under restrictions for budgetary reasons and also how they’re able to obtain equipment after years lower and lowest bid or that kind of thing. And just the money that’s not allocated for certain things that they need, because it might be name brand products from a certain vendor that they want and they have to go through the bidding process and it just complicates things and slows down the ability for them to put those plans into motion and to use that equipment effectively,” said Godwin.

The foundation’s fundraiser is November 15th–and even if you can’t attend, they’re always looking for donations. For more information on the event or how to donate check their website.