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Tempers flare over dog attacks after viral social media post

Mobile, AL (WKRG) - Midtown and downtown homeowners say they're still on the lookout for dogs they say are killing pets in their neighborhoods.  Tensions were ratcheted up over the weekend after a post by one homeowner claimed they were hunting the dogs themselves.  

This started in the last several days.  Homeowners were gathering this weekend and talking to us about three dogs in midtown and downtown Mobile that have been caught on camera, attacking and killing cats.

Over the weekend a post by one Mobile homeowner upset several dog advocates with claims of violence against the dogs responsible for the attacks.  In a post, Steven Damirch claimed a "posse of 4 vehicles, 2 men and 5 women took matters into our own hands."

The now deleted post claims they tracked down the dogs and one was injured by an automobile.  Towards the end, he wrote:

"We will be back on the hunt tomorrow night.  Now they are hunted.  Could have easily shot them but we cannot use firearms.  Retooling with conventional hand weapons and wasp spray tomorrow night.  Slow them down, then terminate."

A screen grab of the post has been shared several times on social media.  Damrich took down his entire Facebook account.  I spoke with him by phone Sunday and he said he regrets getting involved and the language he used.  Damrich claims, despite the post, no dogs were injured.  He says he was frustrated by a lack of action on the part of Mobile Police and Mobile Animal Control and the homeowners were trying to stop the dogs but didn't want to hurt them.  Damrich claims he has been getting multiple threats since the post.  

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