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Satsuma Police Officer speaks about what's next after fire destroys his family's home

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) - The family of one Satsuma Police Officer is picking up the pieces after a fire destroyed their house Friday morning.

Gerald and Jamie Roberts are Mobile natives who say all the community support they've received  makes this place feel more like home than ever.

Gerald Roberts says, "How can you get back on track?"

Firefighters spent more than an hour battling flames at the Roberts' house Friday morning.

Jamie Roberts says, "The dormers at the top, there's one missing, those were my children's bedrooms, and they're completely non-existent, so for me that was kind of a thank god they weren't in there."

The Roberts have eight children. Seven of them lived at the house.

Jamie says, "This was our first home all of us together because three of our children we adopted last year." 

The couple decided not tell the kids the news until after school when the family was together, but say they've received an outpouring of support from the whole community.

Jamie says, "Even some of the children that go to school with my children have sent letters through their parents to our children to kind of just brighten our day. They've sent their own clothes and toys."

While seeing the house burn was hard for the Roberts, they say they're focusing on the future.

Jamie says, "material things are material things and even though there are some things that we know are special to them, and they were things that are special to us, our home was very special to us, but those are things that we can replace and we have each other." 

Visit the Roberts' GoFundMe page by clicking HERE.

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