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Cyclist speaks about being shot at

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) - A cyclist who says he was shot at this weekend is talking about his frightening experience.

Mark Gacek tells us he and his sister were on a bike ride Saturday night to avoid the heat of the day. They never expected what came next.

Mark Gacek said, "As I look back, I hear like pow, pow, pow, pow, like five or so gunshots." 

Gacek says he didn't believe  he heard gunshots at first. He said, "My sister Marissa was in front of me. She was like no those were gunshots. She was like, I heard something go by my ear."

The pair were riding bikes on USA's campus when mark says he heard the roar of a car engine, then saw the car sharply turning onto campus. Gacek said, "I got a little more nervous than her because I don't think she could see behind her, but she was definitely shaken up."

He says the two pulled over and called police.

Mobile Police told us they initially responded to the area of Bit and Spur, just down the street. There a victim told officers a driver was coming into the oncoming lane then stopped the car, leaned out, and fired multiple shots, hitting the victim's car and the car behind it. 

Gacek said, "A detective contacted me and he said they captured some suspect in the shooting related on Bit and Spur and University, but the question is now, can the prove it was the same person?" 

Gacek thought of turning to campus cameras to catch who's to blame, but says there's one problem. He said, "South's put up cameras at every intersection but William and Mary."

While he's not canceling his night bicycle rides, Mark says the incident leaves him feeling nervous. He said, "This is the spring hill area. It's supposed to be a little nicer, I mean, not that any area is free of crime, but it does make me worry that people think they can do this kind of thing and try to get away with it." 

We've reached out to Mobile Police, but they have not confirmed whether or not the two shootings are related.

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