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Bill in AL Legislature creates additional cancer insurance policy for firefighters

Mobile, Ala. (WKRG) -- Mobile’s Fire Chief is speaking out in support of legislation that hits close to home.  A bill in the Alabama legislature would provide supplemental cancer insurance coverage for firefighters.  Firefighters face a lot of dangerous situations and it can be a lot more dangerous if their job contributes to health problems later in life.

"Firefighters are inherently subjected to a higher risk of cancer than the public," said MFRD Chief Mark Sealy.  HB360 creates a supplemental cancer insurance policy for municipal and some volunteer firefighters.  

"A supplemental cancer policy instead of having workman’s comp," said Sealy.  This issue hits close to home for Mobile’s Fire Chief.  He was diagnosed with the early stages of kidney cancer last year.  We talked to him about it in January.  

"Cancer is prevalent, it’s always somebody else if someone else tells you, you have cancer it really is a shock," said Sealy in January.  He says the idea could help.

"It provides an extra layer of protection for a member and their family and there are those areas where they miss work for treatment I think it could be a really good benefit," said Sealy.  The bill is still in the legislature.  A new amendment asks cities to approve the policy by a two-thirds vote before it goes into effect.  

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