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Alleged child killer weeps in court while prosecutors describe abuse to infant

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) - Update Tuesday, May 8th

In court Tuesday morning Markeise Caldwell was openly weeping in court and had to be helped into a chair. He is accused of killing 4-month old Kendrick Cole by hitting him with his hand. The child died of blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen. According to prosecutors, Caldwell hit the child because he wouldn't take a bottle.

Caldwell is also accused of abusing Kendall Cole, Kendrick's 15-month-old brother. Prosecutors say Caldwell hit Kendall in the abdomen and chest with his hand causing serious internal injuries to his organs. Kendall is reportedly still hospitalized in the pediatric ICU in serious condition. 

Caldwell is being held without bond and is charged with Capital Murder and Aggravated Child Abuse. 

“We believe that if he were given a bond that he would be a further danger to children," said Assistant District Attorney Keith Blackwood.

Keith Blackwood, Assistant District Attorney, tells News 5 there is an investigation into Caldwell for possibly abusing a third victim. 

Although prosecutors say he confessed to the child abuse, Caldwell pleaded not guilty to both charges.

“He’s mentally gone," said Jason Darley, Caldwell's defense attorney. "I think he’s got some mental history. I know he’s a crime victim. He’s been shot before. He’s undergone some emotional trauma and now he finds himself in this situation.”

A preliminary hearing is set for May 21.

Original Story

A 25-year-old was arrested Sunday for killing a 4-month old baby. 

Markeise Caldwell was arrested Sunday and charged with Capital Murder. He is the boyfriend of the victim’s mother and had no relation to the child. 

Caldwell said, "I over-drank. I have a drinking issue and I messed up real bad."

Mobile Police say, around 8:31 a.m. officers responded to Providence Hospital in reference to a report of possible child abuse to a 4-month-old victim. The child later died of blunt force trauma.

According to court documents, the 4-month-old was identified as Kendrick Cole. 

Court documents uncovered by News 5 show that Markeise Caldwell is also charged with the aggravated child abuse of Kendall Cole, a 15-month-old child. Mobile Police say the two incidents are not connected. News 5 confirmed the two children are brothers.

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On May 6th, Caldwell had a message to the world as he was escorted to jail, "Y'all I'm not this person. I'm really not. I've allowed my self to get spiritually weak in my faith and I hurt somebody I love too."

He continued, "Sorry ain't even the word. I want to say to my girl and her family and my family and everybody else I'm not that person y'all and I just want to let y'all know I'm gonna go and get my mind right cause I'm mentally gone."

Caldwell is being held without bond. 

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