THEODORE, Ala. (WKRG) — With a nationwide fireworks shortage, local shops are still seeing a ton of business.

As businesses have reopened and the economy has started to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains have struggled to keep up with demand, leading shortages nationwide. One of those shortages being fireworks.

People are still packing local fireworks stands, grabbing some last-minute fireworks the day before the Fourth of July. The shortage is due to the fireworks industry relying on shipments from China and a lot of congestion at ports because of the demand.

Shortages are causing higher prices and emptier shelves, but some local stores, like Jerry’s Fireworks in Theodore, have still been able to keep business booming. “I’ll put it this way — I think sales are twice where they were last year,” owner Jerry Martin said.

Martin expects even heavier crowds on the Fourth, and other shops in Mobile County say the same — supply was an issue but business is booming.

Martin says they did see some supply issues with the national shortage, but he says others in the industry have it worse off. “Lots of tents in Louisiana, lots of tents in Kentucky. All over are not even able to open because they can’t get merchandise, and we were just real lucky we have merchandise.”

Thankfully for Jerry’s customers, they ordered early and prepared.

“I ordered my order in February, and it didn’t come until May, and what they’re doing — the wholesale houses — is that those that buy real big in the fireworks business got first choice this time. Now the smaller stands, they didn’t get a lot.”

If you prefer to watch fireworks rather than set them off, WKRG News 5 has a full list of the dozens of shows you can catch tomorrow night. You can find that list here.