According to the Mobile County District Attorney, Derrick Dearman has been charged with six counts of capital murder and 2 counts of kidnapping.

He has been in Mississippi waiting for extradition.  This past Saturday, Dearman came into the Greene County Sheriff’s Office in Mississippi and told authorities he had killed someone, or more than one person in Citronelle.

Dearman is a resident of Greene County.  The office also revealed that Dearman has a criminal history that ranges from disorderly conduct, telephone harassment, and resisting arrest in February 2015 to burglary of a dwelling in December 2015.  Dearman was released on a $10,000 bond for the burglary charge.

Dearman was placed into custody on Saturday until deputies could verify the incident.  After Mobile County Sheriff’s had confirmed they were investigating the case, Dearman was booked into Greene County Jail and held for questioning.  He refused extradition and was transported to George Regional Jail due to overcrowding at the Green County facility and to be segregated from other inmates.

At around 7:30 this Monday morning, Dearman signed extradition papers and is now awaiting transport by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.  WKRG is following this story and waiting for Dearman to arrive at Mobile County Metro.  We’ll have the latest coming up at 5 and 6 pm.