Mobile Co. DA Seeks to Try Teen As Adult


After Mobile Police released surveillance video — and conducted a manhunt to find who shot a woman as she was stopped at red light in midtown — it turns out, it wasn’t an adult male they were looking for but a 15 year old teen.

“It was clear they planned the robbery they wanted to commit the robbery they went to a car to commit the robbery and then he intentionally fired a gun into the vehicle,” said Ashley Rich Mobile County District Attorney.

That teen suspect is now behind bars at the Mobile County Juvenile Detention Center, he’s been charged with attempted murder, robbery, and shooting and he may not stay there for long.

“In this situation because of the gravity of the circumstances because of the conduct that the juvenile was engaged in, we are seeking to transfer him to stand trial as an adult in circuit court,” said Rich.

Rich has already upgraded a charge of assault to attempted murder, now she’s petitioning a juvenile court judge to transfer him to circuit court. If successful, a local defense attorney says the teen could have an even tougher case.

“I would say the District Attorney isn’t going to file a motion filed on someone to transfer him unless they have a very strong case, to circuit as an adult unless they have a very strong case,” said James Bryd, Criminal Defense Attorney.

In juvenile court, the teen suspect, if tried and convicted he could get out of jail at 21 with the maximum penalty.

“If he’s tried as an adult and he’s convicted the minimum is 20 years the maximum is life, and on a 20 year sentence on a Class A felony you serve 15,” said Byrd.

Rich tells us she’s confident of her case, and plans to prosecute the teen to the full extent of the law.

“The message here is don’t think that if you’re 14, or 15, or 16 years old you’re going to automatically go to Strickland Youth Center. You may start there but if you engage in adult behavior then we’re going to transfer you to adult court.”

The hearing date for a judge to consider transferring the teen has not been set.

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