Mississippi Girl With Rare Brain Cancer Passes Away


OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WKRG) – A little girl battling a rare form of brain cancer has died.

Sophia Myers gained the attention and support of people across the Mississippi Gulf Coast for several months. The community rallied around her and her family to show love and support. But sadly Friday, the Facebook page “Love for Sophia” announced that she was now “an angel.”

Sophia suffered from DIPG, according to Boston Children’s.

Diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPG) are highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumors found at the base of the brain. They are glial tumors, meaning they arise from the brain’s glial tissue—tissue made up of cells that help support and protect the brain’s neurons. These tumors are found in an area of the brainstem (the lowest, stem-like part of the brain) called the pons, which controls many of the body’s most vital functions such as breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate.

The story is strikingly similar to a case in Mobile. Mobile is rallying around a young girl with a rare form of brain cancer.  Aubreigh Nicholas, 10, a fifth grader preparing for a fight with the same disease.

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