Men who helped carry girl with disability to beach search for family


A group of friends spotted a family struggling to get to the water on St. Pete Beach about one week ago. They decided to help them and their good deal was captured on video. Now, the friends want to take their kind gesture to the next level. 

The friends, who traveled to Florida from other states for a wedding, told us a mother and her three children had a difficult time navigating through the soft sand because one of the children is disabled. She either needs to be in a wheelchair or she needs to be carried from place to place. 

“I believe the brother and the sister were the ones who were carrying her and they stopped to get a better grip,” Justin Johnson told us. 

Johnson and his friend Renal Roberts asked them if they would like them to help.

“They were shocked,” said Johnson. “They were very surprised.”

The two men helped the family onto the beach but it is what they failed to do that will truly tug at your heartstrings. 

“We said, ‘Hey, we are not going to leave until they come back and get us so they are going to enjoy their time here, no matter how late that is,'” said Johnson.

He admits they had a wedding obligation in the evening but they decided to stay on the beach until the family wanted to return to their hotel. They stayed for the family and, now, they are searching for the family because they want to do more for them.

“When it comes down to it, they need a way to get that girl on the beach,” said Dustin Smalley, who filmed the good deeds.  

Johnson contacted the hotel to try to locate any information on the family. When we talked to the hotel employees, they agreed to help us. 

“I made numerous attempts to contact them and we are waiting for a reply,” said Austin Lapniewski, a front desk agent.  

The friends tell us they are accepting of any outcome. 

“If this just kind of spreads the love and kindness for everyone, that is totally worth it,” said Johnson. 

Their goal is to raise enough money to buy the family a wheelchair or a wheelchair accessory to make it easier for them to use it on the beach. 

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