MCHD: Odor in Midtown Mobile Not Caused by GAF Manufacturing


After numerous complaints from residents in midtown Mobile about a ‘peculiar, often offensive, smell’, investigators from the Mobile County Health Department went out to find the source.

Since the GAF manufacturing plant was near the locations where the smell was reported, many people assumed GAF was responsible for the odor.

However, after recent tests by the Health Department and GAF, they determined that GAF is not the source of the smell.

Data from GAF shows that of 18 occurrences when the smell was reported, 16 of those times GAF was not even running their machinery. Also, the wind direction at the time of each occurrence does not correspond with the smell originating from GAF manufacturing.

The GAF manufacturing plant on Emogene Street has long been criticized by residents for the odors from their plant, but regulatory agencies say they have complied with all procedures and permits.

In December 2017, a nearby company in Midtown Mobile ceased a portion of their operations to install equipment that helped alleviate the odor-production problem after receiving several complaints.

Now that GAF has been cleared as the source of the odor and the other company is not currently running operations, the question remains, “Where is the smell coming from?”

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