Mardi Gras Safety Tips from Mobile Fire-Rescue

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Mobile Fire-Rescue wants to make sure everyone has a fun, but safe Mardi Gras season. 

Listed are a few safety suggestions to keep you all safe and secure:

· MFRD advises citizens against parking in or near intersections or blocking fire hydrants.

· DO NOT obstruct fire hydrants in any manner.

· DO NOT park your vehicle in an intersection or in a street, even if a parade has said street blocked.

· DO NOT place any items, such as chairs, grills, coolers, etcetera, in intersections or between curbs of public streets during the parade.

· Drivers should be prepared to move out of the way of approaching fire apparatus or other emergency vehicles.

· As always, when an emergency vehicle is attempting to pass (including small, marked MFRD response units such as golf carts and bicycles), merge as far as possible to the right of the roadway and come to a complete stop when safe to do so.

· Property owners should be mindful of capacities for restaurants, buildings, and balconies along the parade routes.

· Viewing stands should be inspected for safety prior to use and must not obstruct fire hydrants or emergency fire lanes.

· Please stay behind all barricades, and if barricades are not in place, then give passing floats and vehicles adequate room to pass.

· Open flames are prohibited. Cooking with portable grills or similar equipment on parade routes is strongly discouraged. We ask that citizens take precautions when using such equipment and remember that all must be at least six feet from the parade route. Keep such items clear of combustibles and crowds.

· Properly discard any hot ashes and coals by ensuring they are completely extinguished and disposed of in an appropriate receptacle.

· DO NOT use uncovered barbecue pits or open flames along parade routes or in open crowds.

· Be responsible when smoking. Make certain that all cigarette/cigar butts are completely out before being discarded.

· Do not carry children or adults on your shoulders.

· Do not bring or carry glass items to or along parade routes.

· Remember to double-check all cooking and heating devices before leaving home to make sure they have been properly powered down, turned off, and/or disconnected.

· Parade goers and Mardi Gras revelers are reminded that “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!” Report any noticed suspicious or out of the ordinary activity to a police officer or other public safety personnel immediately.

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