A Fort Walton Beach man held an intruder at gunpoint on Monday evening.

Clint Aiden says his son noticed the intruder come into their home and creep upstairs into his daughter’s room.

Police have identified the suspect as Robert Cash. Aiden says his entire family was home at the time, including his wife and two other daughters. He says his one daughter ran outside with his son, and his other daughter locked herself in the bathroom while his wife called police.

“I retrieved one of my handguns and then walked upstairs to see what was going on,” Aiden said.

Aiden says he found the intruder inside his daughter’s room wearing nothing but his underwear.

“I ordered him down,” Aiden said. “He showed me his hands and I realized he wasn’t armed.”

Aiden says he held Cash in place until the police arrived less than two minutes later.

He says Cash seemed disoriented throughout the ordeal.

“He told me he was from Texas and he could not find work here,” Aiden said. “He had some issues. I did not feel threatened enough to shoot the man.”

Authorities say Cash broke into another home in the area. He faces two burglary charges.