A small event broke ground on the new Maas Aviation facility.  It will not be the largest Airbus supplier in terms of employment.  They may employ 80 to 100+ by the time the hangar is up and running.  It will be the largest Airbus supplier in terms of physical footprint.

Maas already works inside the Airbus final assembly line.  This will be a stand alone dual hangar for Maas to work on airliners from many companies.“It’s a $39 million investment in our city which is substantial it’s going to open us up to worldwide airframe potential, meaning if another company that builds airframes we have an advantage because we already have a paint facility to service them,” said Airport Authority Chief of Staff Janis Pearman.  One of the biggest beneficiaries of all this may be VT MAE.  Pearman said the company can now offer painting services through Maas as part of its work in the world of aviation maintenance repair and overhaul.