(WKRG) — No matter how prepared local agencies are for a natural disaster, powerful storms like Hurricane Harvey can cause tremendous power outages reaching far beyond the capabilities of local power companies. That’s why power companies often participate in a mutual assistance program, meaning crews in Mobile might send trucks up north to assist with snow storms, and their crews return the favor when there is need on the Gulf Coast.

These workers often travel many miles to help the requesting companies with rebuilding power lines, replacing poles, and restoring power to customers, and most likely you’ve seen the long line of out-of-state power trucks in the wake of a disaster.

In our area, Baldwin EMC and Alabama Power crews are waiting for a call and watching the weather.

“We have not been requested yet. We are continuing to monitor the weather and track the storm as it moves inland, and we’ll continue to assess over the coming days what we may be doing,” Alabama Power Spokesperson Beth Thomas explained.

“We continue to watch the storm closely. At this time we haven’t received any requests for crews. I expect that may change depending on how and where the storm moves Sunday into Monday,” Mark Ingram with Baldwin EMC said.