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VIDEO: Deputies investigating apparent bullying caught on camera at local school

FRUITDALE, Ala (WKRG) - A 15-year-old Fruitdale High freshman is recovering from what appears to be violent bullying caught on camera at Fruitdale High School  It happened earlier this week but the video of the punch out was just posted to social media.  The video shows Alex Heathcock getting punched in the face by a 14-year-old student.  


Several parents contacted WKRG News 5 on Facebook sharing the video that shows a boy sitting on the bleachers in a gym. Another boy punches him in the face and head several times before walking out. One of the parents who contacted News 5 is the mother of the boy who is being punched in the video.


Heathcock's mom, Brandy Thornton, says her son, "had a busted mouth, his tooth went through his lip, and he had some knots on his head.”  Hornton also said her son vomited blood.  She says the fight was prompted by an argument her son had with the girlfriend of the 14-year-old who punched him in the face.  “Someone had told this boy some rumors, from what I had gathered, and he just went up to him and started hitting him.”

Fruitdale’s Principal Kurt Stackhouse suspended the 14-year-old for three days.  He said he did "everything according to Washington County District policy.”

But that's not enough for Alex's mom.  She said, “I do not think that’s sufficient, not for what he did to my child.  He assaulted my child and I do not think 3 days is enough.”

Thornton has pressed assault charges against the 14-year-old who punched her son multiple times.  But she's also disappointed at her son's friends and classmates for not doing anything while the altercation was taking place.  "The kids would rather video it, because they think it’s funny and they share it around the school, instead of stand up and say this is not right.  jump in and put a stop to it."

The sheriff's offices says they've turned all of their information over to juvenile court system. The Sheriff tells News 5 that the video has caused a lot of concern in the Fruitdale community.



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