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82 dogs rescued from puppy mill in Jefferson County

JEFFERSON CO, Ala (WIAT) -- The Greater Birmingham Humane Society said 82 dogs were found at a puppy mill in Jefferson County on Monday.

"As far as I'm aware, they went to go get a puppy on site and saw everything and reported it," said Ivana Sullivan, the chief program officer for GBHS.

The conditions show crates on top of crates on top of crates filled with dogs.

"It was horrendous. They could barely breathe, the stench was so strong, they had feces and urine all over the floor. All of these animals crammed in small sheds," said Sullivan.

There were schnauzers, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Boston terriers and more.

The humane society said there were at least 10 moms with litters. That's where the foster program comes in.

"It's kind of an all hands on deck situation. When you have as many puppies and mothers-expecting coming in as fast as the past couple of days, you make sure they have a place to go quickly because the less time they spend here at the shelter, the less likely they're to get sick from all germs going around,"said Daniel Martin, who handles the foster and volunteer department at GBHS.

No information has been released on the couple that had this puppy mill or where it's located.
Sullivan said we should be seeing charges filed, but that's not enough.

"There are definitely not strong enough laws for animal welfare. I would have to say especially in Alabama and I really see that increase," said Sullivan.

The GBHS is looking for foster parents. If you're interested, give them a call at 205-942-1211. 


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