Local Leaders React to Hillary Clinton Email Investigation


The big question was whether or not Hillary Clinton leaked classified information through her private emails with intent.

“What I can assure the American people is that this investigation was done honestly, competently and thoroughly,” said James Comey, FBI Director.

This Tuesday, the answer from the FBI was a no.  After its investigation, and after combing through over 50,000 emails.  The agency says Clinton was careless, but it did not find proof that she had the intent to break the law.

“It actually undercuts one of her strongest arguments against Trump is that Trump is reckless, that is some of the Hillary narratives that you can’t trust Trump with the nuclear button because look how reckless he is,” said Brendan, a caller into the Sean Sullivan’s Midday Mobile Show on 106.5 FM.

The news hit the airwaves shortly after the announcement, and was a hot topic, shortly after the announcement, but there wasn’t much surprise.

“A lot of people, a lot of my listeners already think about Hillary Clinton that she is somehow going to skate through this, she is Teflon, and then it just confirmed it today,” said Sean Sullivan.

For Clinton, the news was like a dark cloud lifting, a sentiment echoed by some in her party.

“I think now that this cloud has been removed it will allow her the opportunity to focus in on moving her campaign forward, and hopefully, become the next president of the United States,” said Alabama State Representative Napoleon Bracy.

“If the FBI investigated thoroughly, which you would expect then to do, you know they’re a very prestigious in the world, and you know they did a thorough job of investigating it, but if no prosecutor would prosecute the case then I’m satisfied with that,” said Thomas Fuller, Alabama Democratic Party Washington County Chair.

But as Clinton’s lead narrows, now just 45 to 40 against Trump in a recent USA Today poll, Republican members say she can’t be trusted to lead.

In a statement Alabama GOP Chairwoman, Terry Lathan says, “Not only did Mrs. Clinton expose our nation’s top secrets on her personal email one time, but she did it 110 times.”

Hillary Clinton appeared with President Barrack Obama this Tuesday in Charlotte.  There are five months left before the presidential election.

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