Local Hospital Loses Lawsuit Over Guard’s Brutality


“And when this hits 0:12, watch him come out of his desk…”

This is surveillance video of Shawn Poff, security guard at Mobile Infirmary. This video, taken in February of 2013 shows him aggressively gesturing at Jennifer McIntyre.

“He says you’re going to jail, calls for backup…”

The moment escalates, seemingly out of nowhere.

“Reaches around with his left hand, gets his handcuffs, switches his handcuffs to his right hand, he’s berating the husband.”

Seconds later, he has her up against the counter in handcuffs. Attorney Vince Kilborn says there was no cause for this action.

“It’s not Holman prison having a riot. She didn’t throw anything, she didn’t cop an attitude, she’s just a lady wanting to go see her father,” says Kilborn.

McIntyre was there to visit her father, who was dying of emphysema. She had come and gone several times before without incident, but this time, for some reason, Poff stopped her, asking for ID. Poff testified that McIntyre threw her ID at him, but as you can see, that was not the case.

“None of the guards are trained by certified trainers by the state of Alabama, which has a very stringent set of rules,” says Kilborn.

And yet, despite no training, each guard has a uniform, handcuffs, a gun and hollow point bullets.  Once this surveillance video was shown in court, the case was dropped. That’s when McIntyre hired Kilborn to file a lawsuit for a million dollars.

“He’s a bully and he should have never had that job.”

They won that suit Friday. Kilborn says McIntyre went through with it despite being humiliated by the event.

“To her credit, she wanted to make a difference, go through all this, you know, they got eight lawyers trying to knock her case out, but she stood up for what’s right and the jury stood up for what’s right.”

That same security guard is also the subject of a wrongful death lawsuit that will be tried in October. In all, Jennifer McIntyre sued Mobile Infirmary for assault, battery, false arrest and malicious prosecution.

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