John Tesh: Helping our nation’s healthcare heroes through Facebook fundraiser


PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — We’re all looking for ways to help right now, and an Emmy winning musician and syndicated radio host is doing that through a 6-hour live Facebook fundraiser. You can listen to John Tesh locally on Soft Rock 94.1 each evening, and on April 17 from 2 to 8 pm, it’s all about helping our nation’s healthcare heroes.

Tesh and his family have a special place in their hearts for healthcare workers, especially after John beat terminal cancer.

“My mom was a surgical nurse for most of her life and so, and I also went through a 5-year cancer battle where I think I met every nurse on the east coast. So we have a fondness for all the hospital workers,” said Tesh.

So for him, there was no hesitation– he knew he wanted to help those on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19.

Tesh said, “I was like, hey, let’s send them food, let’s do this, let’s give them Prius’s, I don’t know whatever. And my wife is like, whoa whoa, let’s make some phone calls.”

So they did. They called hospitals across the country to find out what’s really needed.

“What’s really interesting is the information we got which was don’t send food because it could be contaminated, they don’t know, and the other thing is they don’t have time to eat. So we’ve collected all kinds of protein and meal replacement bars. And then the other thing is, we don’t have anybody to take care of our families, to feed our families, because we can’t get home to cook, or even to shop. So we’re also putting in food delivery gift cards,” Tesh told News 5.

Another need– iPads.

“It’s so unbelievably touching and macabre at the same time but iPads. We’re raising money for iPads because a lot of times it’s the last touchpoint that some of these patients will have with their families,” Tesh said.

John found out some nurses are taking it upon themselves to buy ipads for their patients who are quarantined, and have no other way to communicate with their family members.

“Sometimes it’s last words, sometimes it’s just encouragement, sometimes it’s a funeral for somebody who has passed away,” Tesh said.

So John, his wife, and their two grown kids are putting together care boxes to send to hospitals all around the U.S.

“We’re sending them to the hospital administrators and to the charge nurses where they can triage them,” Tesh told Cherish Lombard.

And it all starts Friday. John says this is a chance for all of us who want to help those sacrificing their lives every day.

He said, “You can see the frustration where people, we want to help, right? So we’re driving our cars and surrounding the hospitals and blinking our lights and we’re making signs. But there’s other stuff we can do.”

The event will raise money via a GoFundme page, with 100% of the proceeds being used to build care packages that will be distributed to healthcare providers working on the front lines in hospitals across the country.

Each hour of the program will feature interviews with hospital personnel and up-close-and-personal stories from the frontlines with the healthcare workers themselves. Throughout the broadcast, the hosts will also share the latest pandemic coping tips from the Intelligence for Your Life/Intelligence for Your Health radio programs.

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