A local fire captain says he has formed a bond with the band director injured in a Tuesday morning bus crash. 

“He helped the rescuers,” Brandon Thompson said. “I’d have to say Aaron Allison is my hero. He’s probably one of the strongest men I know.”

Thompson was one of at least 60 first responders on the scene of the bus crash Tuesday morning on I-10. That bus was carrying more than 40 band students from Texas as they were on their way back from Disney World.  Thompson says he formed a tight bond with Channelview Band Director Aaron Allison. Thompson visited him Wednesday at Sacred Heart Hospital.

“He’s in great spirits,” Thompson said. “It seems as if nothing really happened. He’s truly a very strong person.”

Allison was brought in by helicopter just before 10 a.m. and crews rolled him in on a stretcher. Thompson says for three hours he was right there with him. Allison was in pain but didn’t show it and focused more on the kids.

“We had to pry inch by inch and cut here and do different types of things to get him out,” Thompson said.  “Even though the way his body was in there, he was maintaining a great sense of humor. We laughed. We laughed a lot while we were in there. Knowing he was in complete pain, he kept asking about the children. How are my students or how are my kids the way he put it.”