Have Security Upgrades At Govt Plaza Changed Anything?

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Have you been to Government Plaza lately?

“I think it’s better right here, just get it out of the way when you walk in the door. I think it’s better right here,” says Ashley Beckham.

If you haven’t been to Government Plaza since June, you’ll notice a change. Metal detectors were moved to the north and west public entrances.

“I think it’s real simple because it was hectic right there with too much crowd and you couldn’t really get in,” says Mamie Robinson.

The metal detectors used to be set up so that folks would have to come through them before getting on the elevators.

“I like it, it doesn’t cause the congestion here that it does on the elevator,” says Rachel Nicholas.

And folks I spoke with say they feel much more secure with them being at the front door.

“I think moving the security to the front is an outstanding idea. I think it protects the citizens and makes sure everything stays safe at the courthouse,” Corey LaBounty.

“Yeah, it’s secure right now. I’m safe right now.”

They still confiscate the same things as before–basically anything that sharp or that can be used as a weapon. The change was made when Homeland Security paid a visit and told officials how to make the building safer. It reduces long lines, since there are two locations instead of the just one, and adds more protection at the same time.

“I think it’s muchly needed to protect everybody,” says Harold Buckman.

The metal detectors have been in place for six weeks now.

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